Thursday, March 8, 2007

PMD - The Awakening

Why U Sleepin' on P? . .It's Hit Squad Bitch.

P's Still Dangerous
87 To The Present
Wake Up Interlude
The Awakening
Know What I Mean (feat. Rob Jackson, 275, J-Boogie & Don Fu-Quan)
Hip Hop 101
Still A Customer (feat. 275)
Straight From Da Heart
Next Chapter (feat. Drayz from Das Efx & Don Fu-Quan)
Let It Go Interlude
Champions (feat. Cypress Hill)
EPMD Live Show Interlude
Look At U Now (feat. EPMD)
Back To Work (feat. Fat Joe & K-Solo)
All's I Need (feat. 275 & Don Fu-Quan)
L.I. To L.E.S. (feat. Fever, Rah & Don Fu-Quan)


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