Thursday, March 8, 2007

Kanye West - Throw Some D's Remix Video

I fell outta my chair the first time I heard this joint (on Dj Whiteowl Can You Hear Me Now Vol 4 mixtape)

Surprised with a video.

Newly found ego aside, you gotta give it to K West.

His flow is KILLIN a gang of so called rappers out here.

Oh, he makes beats right?



Anonymous said...

Is the video a lampoon, satire or a parody?

Max said...

I think it's funny and weird that Kanye actually released a video for this shit, but the video and song are hilarious.
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phillies58 said...

Kanye's actin a fool once again :) Or, his older cousin! I love when artists create low budget vidz (especially of freestyles) and get em out to their fans. Dont always need a million dollar budget and MTV. ya know? more real. Prodigy's threee vidz for the new mixtape is the same. shows creativity. not a whole lot around these dayz

phillies58 said...


yea, he is still witty as hell! I love his wordplay and flow since the early mixtapes. I just dont care for any type of ego and his has blowen up bigger than the Sears tower!!!

Checkin the blog right now, and looks niiice. I Like the selections and the idea for reviews (trackbytrack?!) niice. Im gonna get ya up here asap. I'll holla.