Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tragedy Khadafi - Intellegent Hoodlum/Saga of a Hoodlum


Lame Ass Fake Phucks. Phony Hip Hop, late in the game, climb on board and spread your P Diddy plague, fuckers. leave Hip Hop to us BITCH. You PLAY NO PART, so PLAY YOUR PART.

some peoples fuckin' kids...

1. Intelligent Hoodlum
2. Back to Reality
3. Trag Invasion
4. No Justice, No Peace
5. Party Animal
6. Black and Proud
7. Game Type
8. Microphone Check
9. Keep Striving
10. Party Pack
11. Arrest the President
12. Your Tragedy



Tragedy Khadafi - Endless Tragedies

This shit is GOLDEN.
Support J-Love. Support Tragedy. Support TRUE HiP HoP.

1) 1 hand wash the other feat trife &killa sha (produced by j-love)
2) love is blind
3) blinded by science feat havoc
4) de ja vu
5) get large feat nature
6) the saga feat shinobi
7) gorilla rap feat raekwon
8) stay free feat littles
9) thug paradise feat capone and noreaga
10) alluminatii feat imam thug
11) true confessions feat imam thug
12) the turnaround feat capone (unreleased)
13) t.h.u.g feat imam thug produced by j-love
14) 25 predators (unreleased)
15) grand groove
16) grand groove rmx
17) street life rmx
18) laviathin ( unreleased)
19) funk mode rmx feat havoc (unreleased)
20) first day of spring feat havoc (unreleased)
21) calm down feat nas &noreaga ( unreleased)
22) wwt feat rza , camron , killa sha
23) brace yourself feat big pun &canibus (unreleased)
24) force my hand feat cormega
25) t m
26) still reporting



Capone - Pain, Time, & Glory

u thought we were sleepin'? get the fuck outta here.

1. Intro (produced by The Heatmakerz)
2. The Release [Skit]
3. Soldier's Story (produced by The Heatmakerz)
4. She Wanna Ride f/Akon (produced by Screwface)
5. Where The Stuff At f/C-Murder & Bun-B (produced by Nexxus Entertainment)
6. Diet Plan (produced by Dub Z)
7. All 4 U (produced by The Heatmakerz)
8. No Where To Run f/Scarface (produced by Screwface)
9. It's Been A Long Time (produced by Screwface)
10. I'm Gone f/Devin The Dude & Butch Cassidy (produced by Screwface)
11. Crack Muzik f/PTG (produced by The Heatmakerz)
12. I'll Die For Mine (produced by SPK)
13. The Manual (produced by Twinz)
14. F#@k Yo Set (produced by Reefa)
15. Miss My Dogs (produced by Nexxus Entertainment)
16. Cop Shot [Skit]
17. Oh No (produced by Nexxus Entertainment)
18. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang f/Raekwon & Peedi Crakk (produced by Roots)
19. U So Craaazzzy (produced by Screwface)
20. Faith In Da Streetz (produced by DJ Absolut & Fredo)