Thursday, March 8, 2007

Mister Cee Best Of Redman

Do u know what the essence is? U do now.

1. Live At Russel Simmons' Phat Jam
2. Hardcore- EPMD/Redman
3. Headbanger- EPMD/K-Solo/Redman
4. Blow Your Mind- Redman
5. Time 4 Sum Akshun (Orig & Remix)- Redman
6. Tonight's Tha Night (Orig & Remix)- Redman
7. Redman Meets Reggie Noble- Redman
8. How To Roll a Blunt- Redman
9. I'm Gettin Blunted (unreleased)- Redman
10. A Day Of Sooperman Lover- Redman
11. Swing It Over Here- E. Sermon/K. Murray/Redman
12. Milky (unreleased)- Hurricane G/E. Sermon/Redman
13. How's That- K. Murray/E. Sermon/Redman
14. Rockafella (Remix)- Redman
15. Can't Wait (Orig & Remix)- Redman
16. We Run N.Y.- Redman/Hurricane G
17. I Get Down Like That- Redman
18. Where Am I- Redman
19. The Points- Biggie Smalls/Coolio/Big Mike Doodlebug/Buckshot/Redman
20. How High- Redman/Method Man
21. Freestyle with Method Man Live On Angie Martinez's Radio Show, Hot 97, New York
22. Somethin' 4 Da Honeyz (Remix)- Montell Jordan/Redman
23. Vibin' (Remix)- Boyz II Men/E. Sermon/K. Murray/Redman/To Da Head
24. Curiousity (Remix)- Aaron Hall/Redman


Lord Vas said...

swesome! been looking for this. I actually have this on Cd but its scratched to shit. Do you have the Mr. CEe best of biggie?

phillies58 said...

yessir! should get it up tonight. ima hit ya with biggie's demo too playa. wtf? biggies demo joint with mr cee!

It's been years. I thought I'd never get it. I'lll hoooolllaaa!