Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Biggie Smalls Demo

Since the first time I heard a snippet of this, I have been hunting. This is HIP HOP. Cherish this shit right here.

Big's freestyle which became his Demo. His Dj 50 Grand on the smooth ass beat



Anonymous said...

why the linknot working?

Kazeiro said...

Oh... so this is the legendary demo tape that Biggie gave to Mister Cee?


Thanks a lot man, never thought this was ever ripped.

phillies58 said...

yeeeah! Mister Cee finally let it out on the Best of Biggie pt 2 (10th Anniversary Edition) mixtape.

prime quality too! I trimmed it up so it was aiight on its own.

Since the first time I heard this beat I wanted it BAAAD!!


Anonymous said...

this isnt from the demo it's Another Rough One freestyle. This wasnt even on the demo tape