Friday, February 23, 2007

Sean Price - Donkey Sean Jr.

Never test me when I'm crazy high
Ready to run on your ride and let the Eighty fly
Slugs missed you, oh shit your lady died
In the, side of a ride like she Lady Di
Ain't no tellin' what the Ruck could say, Ruck would do
Ruck with her, Ruck with who?
reason why I don't fuck with you
Running your mouth like the bitches and the sluts would do
Can't touch the crew, Ruck and Rock, Tank and G
Agallah, Don, Lil D-A-P

P.F. Cuttin and Sean Price (aka Ruck of Heltah Skeltah) Present: Donkey Sean Jr.

1. Intro,
2. It's Nothing,
3. It's My Time,
4. Slap Boxxin Feat. Rustee Jux and Rock,
5. What up W/ Rock
6. Jail Shit Feat. Rock,
7. Heltah Skeltah Triumph,
8. Shakedown Feat. Steele,
9. Don't Say Shit,
10. Straight Like That,
11. Call the Ambulance,
12. Free styles, 13. Paprika,
14. Your Done,
15. The Funeral Song,
16. Dj CLue Free Style Feat. Buckshot,
17. Bounce,
18. Free Style,
19. The Jackal,
20. The Greats,
21. Aint Nobody,
22. Black History,
23. Fake Neptune Song Feat. Buckshot, Steele and Louieville,
24. Solidify,
25. Rags to Riches,
26. Outro

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