Thursday, February 15, 2007

A.I.G. - Fame Labs Presents Darkim Be Allah & Allahwise

A.I.G. ( Darkim Be Allah and Allahwise) --Darkim Be Allah has known the game since the 80's. Now, the game is finally starting to know him. Hailing from the Bronx, NY, Darkim honed his emcee skills in the streets and in the park, as was the tradition when hip-hop still knew its roots. Influenced by the burgeoning New York rap scene at the time, Darkim studied the various styles of some of the finest rappers of all time - Kool G Rap, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Melle Mel, and True Love Everlasting. Darkim paid his dues, sharpened his lyrical dexterity, and learned the game. Finally, in 1996, his hard work paid off when he and partner AllahWise were signed to Wu-Tang Records as the group A.I.G. by the RZA of the platinum selling rap group, the Wu-Tang Clan. Darkim's first major achievement was the inclusion of his beat for "Twelve Jewels", a RZA solo track, on the Gravediggaz second album The Pick, The Sickle, and The Shovel. The album was celebrated by critics and was included in Q Magazine's "50 Best Albums of 1997". It debuted at ..7 on the Billboard Top Hip-Hop/R&B Albums chart, and eventually sold over 300,000 copies worldwide. Darkim's success continued in 1998 when he produced and rapped on the track that would introduce A.I.G. to the world. "Bronx War Stories" was included on the Gold selling compilation RZA Presents: Wu-Tang Killa Bees – The Swarm Vol. 1. The crisp drums, melodic horns, and heartfelt lyrics made it a standout track on the album. The Swarm sold 139,000 copies its first week of release, landing at ..4 on the Billboard Top 200 chart. Over the next couple of years, Darkim grew tired of the major label politics and waiting games, so he took matters into his own hands in 2000. Utilizing the internet as an emerging tool to showcase independent artists, Darkim released his first CD on Live at the Lab; Take 1 was an 8 track collection of songs by Darkim Be Allah & his Fame Labs crew. Immediately, fans clamored to hear the new music from the man who had built a substantial following within the hip-hop community. The lead single, "N*gg*s Know", enjoyed the number one position on the charts by having the most number of plays each week. When folded, Darkim became disillusioned with the music industry and disappeared for a few years. Though he still continued to make music with AllahWise, it was seen more as a hobby versus a career. In Darkim's absence, fans scrounged to find any and every track that the talented MC had blessed. Songs flew around the various file sharing programs, further enhancing the legend that was Darkim Be Allah. Rumors swirled regarding his whereabouts and why he had decided to vanish from the music scene in the height of his popularity. Finally, in 2005, the call was answered. Realizing how deeply they were missed, Darkim & AllahWise decided to come back into the limelight, much to the pleasure of their fans. Compiling several unreleased tracks with some new ones, Fame Labs Presents: A.I.G. (Darkim Be Allah & AllahWise) was born. The collection of songs is the group's most complete work to date, and has been released to exceptional reviews. The first two singles, "Block Famous" and "Where Does That Leave Me?" are perfect evidence that A.I.G. is still sharp and haven't lost a step. With a revitalized career, Darkim & AllahWise are aiming high.

Fame Labs Presents - A.I.G. (Darkim Be Allah and Allahwise)

1. The Anthem

2. Next of Kin

3. Strokin'

4. Don't Stop

5. Block Famous

6. Time To Eat

7. The Reunion

8. Phone Call Skit

9.Phone Call

10.Unbreakable Code

11.Where Does That Leave Me?

12. Life & Music (Hidden Track)


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Ain't this the TRUEST, HARDEST Wu Sh*t you heard in a GAAANG??!!! getATme!!!!!!!!!1.