Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beyond - Be Sides (Cassette)

Artist: Beyond aka Musab
Title: Be Sides
Release Date: 05.01.1999
Format: Cassette
[Out of print]
Be Sides marks the final chapter of the artist formally known as Beyond, now known by his true name Musab, this cassette features 20 new and unreleased 4track joints including the south minneapolis anthem "Southside" and the classic job saga "Career opportunity". Production by ant.
A01 Enter
A02 Scared To Move
A03 Part One
A04 How Many Times
A05 Sex Symbol
A06 Big Time
A07 South Side
A08 Tape Appreciation
A09 Gratitude
A10 Love Beat
B01 Move On
B02 Positivity
B03 Career Opportunity
B04 Anterludly Yours
B05 Don't Kill Me
B06 Who Where When
B07 Take My Hand
B08 People vs. People
B09 The Builders
B10 Exit


bobfarmer136 said...

Thanks for putting this up it was a missing part of my Rhymesayers collection!

phillies58 said...

all good....this one was a classic!! only released on cassette. Rhymesayers is thick; gotta know em all!!


SlamminJams said...

Could you please put this up for download again?
It's impossible to find (download or buy) and I'm really desperate to get this album.

Adapt SD said...

Hey bro could you help me out by uploading this classic album again? Ive been trying to get it for like two years and havent found any links or any physical copies to even buy it