Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Children of the Corn - Collectors Edition Mixtape

The most gritty, grimey, & raw hip hop, coming straight from Harlem's danger zone; 139th St & Lenox Blvd.

C.O.C. consists of 5 true, proven emcees who brought it right to your face with their own unique flavor.

You should know em:
Big L (R.I.P.)
Killa Cam aka Camron
Herb McGruff
Bloodshed (Cam's cousin; R.I.P.)
Murda Mase aka Pastor Mason Troy & back to


The Corn - Cam'ron, Mase & Bloodshed
Give Up The Game - Cam'ron & Bloodshed
Biscuits And Bangers - Cam'ron & Bloodshed
I Remember When - Cam'ron & Bloodshed
Hard To Get By - Cam'ron & Bloodshed
Harlem USA - Cam'ron & Bloodshed
Harlem Nights - Cam'ron, Bloodshed & Big L
Don't Sleep - Cam'ron, Bloodshed & Big L
Star Is Born - Cam'ron & Bloodshed
Harlem USA (Uptown) - Cam'ron & Bloodshed
Fare One Part 1 - Cam'ron & Bloodshed
Fare One Part 2 - Cam'ron, Bloodshed & Mase
Paint The Town Red - Bloodshed
Doin It - Cam'ron, Bloodshed & Mase
Ill Flow - Cam'ron, Bloodshed & Mase
Danger Zone - Mase, Big L & McGruff
Six Figga Freestyle - Cam'ron & McGruff
Bobbito Freestyle #1 - Big L, Bloodshed, Mase, Cam'ron & McGruff
Bobbito Freestyle #2 - Big L, Bloodshed, Mase & Cam'ron
American Dream - McGruff, Cam'ron, Bloodshed, Mase & Big L
original cover


KillaKastro said...

oh shit thanks man!!!! i was gonna do a post on this but you beat me to it lol !! yea i got this, but the quality is garbage, so am a get this and thank you a lot man , props , much and much respect!! peace!!!!

phillies58 said...

No prob killa! I actually have another copy of this somewhere else; the quality may be better. Lemme know if you want better, I could re-rip.

Appreciate the post!


KillaKastro said...

i'd really appreciate that!!! also am having problems with my damn comment box, can you give me some tips or other websites that offer comment boxes for blogs? peace and lets swap links!! much respect!!

King I said...

Can anyone help... Downloaded C.O.C. Mixtape but I'm being asked for a passphrase in order to expand??? I'M Dying 2 check this joint out!!! Can anyone help?

Buske DNA said...

I need a password to expand it too. Help!

RCD said...

What is the password for this? thanks in advance

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