Friday, April 20, 2007

Big L - M.V.P. Vinyl Single

I took out the radio cuts...who needs that isht anydamnways. 1.

A1 MVP (3:38)
A2 MVP (Instrumental) (3:38)
A3 MVP (Radio Edit) (3:38)
A4 MVP (Acappella) (2:34)
B1 MVP (Summer Smooth Mix)
B2 MVP (Summer Smooth Instrumental)
B3 MVP (Summer Smooth Radio Edit)
B4 MVP (Summer Smooth Acappella)



Anonymous said...

what is the Password ??

>>> Denis <<<

DJ leo p said...

what is password, man ????

dgx said...

it's easy >>> think !!!

Anonymous said...

Password ??????????

URASS said...


URASS said...

Password: 58ent

Anonymous said...

Can anyone re-up this single please??? thanks

Harlem's Finest said...

File Not Found ... could you re-up the single please??? thanks

phillies58 said...

devils son is a sick classic. its in the clutch

phillies58 said...

re-upped 2.4.2008

酒店經紀ㄚ君姐姐 said...