Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kurupt - Against The Grain

1. Kurupt - Intro (0:54)
2. Kurupt - Speak On It (Feat. Val C) (4:04)
3. Kurupt - Anarchy ' 87 (4:15)
4. Kurupt - Throw Back Muzic '86 (4:11)
5. Kurupt - Deep Dishes (4:52)
6. Kurupt - Stalkin (3:59)
7. Kurupt - Can U Feel It (Feat. Potion) (4:48)
8. Kurupt - Slide N Slide Out (Feat. Eastwood & Big) (3:42)
9. Kurupt - I'm Back (4:49)
10. Kurupt - Jealousy (4:41)
11. Kurupt - Tha Past (Feat. Dave Holister) (4:46)
12. Kurupt - My Homeboys (Back To Back) (4:16)
13. Kurupt - Bull **** & Nonsense (Feat. Spider & Eastwood) (3:20)
14. Kurupt - Calico Feat. Dayton Family (4:52)
15. Kurupt - Hustlin' (Feat. Big Tri & Young Tone) (3:46)
16. Kurupt - It's A Wrap (2:59)
17. Kurupt - You ****** With The Best (Feat. Domination) (4:08)
18. Kurupt - Outro (0:21)


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