Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jay-Z Essentials 320kbs

1. Live Freestyle pt. 1 ft. Jaz-O
2. Hawaiin Sophie ft. Jaz-O
3. The Originators ft. Jaz-O
4. Nigga What, Nigga Who ft. Jaz-O
5. Just that Simple ft. Jaz-O
6. My Kind of Girl
7. Hold On (remix)
8. Hard to Get (original)
9. Hard to Get (remix) / Can I Get Open
10. Many Styles
11. Live Freestyle pt. 2 ft. Jaz-O & Busta Rhymes
12. In My Lifetime (original)
13. In My Lifetime (remix)
14. Dead Presidents (original)
15. Ain't No Nigga
16. Can't Knock the Hustle
17. Can't Knock the Hustle (remix)
18. I'll Be ft. Foxy Brown
19. Friend or Foe '96
20. Brooklyn's Finest ft. Notorious BIG
21. Your the One (remix)
22. Tonight (remix)
23. Things We Do (remix)
24. Count the Ways (remix)
25. Foundation ft. Sauce Money / Foundation (remix verse)
26. Analyze This
27. Paper Chase Forever ft. Jaz-O
28. Only A Customer
29. Funk Flex Freestyle
30. Marcy to Hollywood ft. Sauce Money & Memphis Bleek (58ENT BONUS)
31. Wishing on a Star (58ENT BONUS)





BMack1 said...

Great post!!! Do you know the location of the "Kingdom Come" CDS??? Is it not a live performance in Europe or something like that??? Thanks.

Vas said...

Dam Phils, you back putting in that work, good to see.

Hovaboss said...

please give the password for the jay-z albums,i especially want the "roc la familia" ones if it is different from the others.Thanks for my request

hovaboss said...

forget what can I said before,I found it lmao.thanks so much for the album.peace y'all

phillies58 said...

no doubt Vas!

The recording is from Royal Albert Hall...I believe. Its cooold.

Whats with Hova cutting up Rocafella though??

phillies58 said...

re upped at 320kbps 1/30/08

Laurent said...

Thanks a lot, but 58 ent doesn't work as a password on Blueprint. Anything wrong ?