Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tragedy Khadafi - Intellegent Hoodlum/Saga of a Hoodlum


Lame Ass Fake Phucks. Phony Hip Hop, late in the game, climb on board and spread your P Diddy plague, fuckers. leave Hip Hop to us BITCH. You PLAY NO PART, so PLAY YOUR PART.

some peoples fuckin' kids...

1. Intelligent Hoodlum
2. Back to Reality
3. Trag Invasion
4. No Justice, No Peace
5. Party Animal
6. Black and Proud
7. Game Type
8. Microphone Check
9. Keep Striving
10. Party Pack
11. Arrest the President
12. Your Tragedy




chatnoir said...

LMAO , your post is too funny. but who pissed you off this much today.

phillies58 said...

never pissed homie.... ;) just had to address a child out here who thought he knew the ledge.

thinks he knows what this is about. thought he knew 58ENT. it was a long time coming, just had to get it out of the way and mooove ooon! juuuu knooooow!!!?


chatnoir said...

Phillie ,
how ya doing today.

You had ROTL overe here.i keep coming back here. you uploaded some killer stuff. i wonder if you have any good videos by Gangstarr or Guru yanno the original ones.

Olskool4real said...

"Tragedy the Rebel is here" yeah I'm feelin you Phillie!! Check this out I knew this kid was hot whe I heard'em on Marley's in control vol 1. It was a slept on track due to all the other Juice Crew members that blew on this classic compilation. this was his first solo effort and I played it quite a bit back in the day. I'm Black and I'm proud was as hype as hype can get a very nice piece,My favorite was Back to reality i guess due to that time frame and what I was going through plus I liked the sampled cut from Soul to Soul on there, arrest the president was Trag on a political lyrical surge, Trag Invasion was more like the Rebel in a sense but I liked it too, Keep striving was crossed over but I liked that cut again due to what I was going through. Trag didn't do too bad I liked this album then and now bu the time frame was everything.He was shadowed by alot of other artist on the roster not to mention industry wise cats were popping up everywhere. Trag certainly was overlooked then and now. but check this out he's still going and that's what I like. Great Posty Phillie58

Matthew said...

This album is a goddamn classic. One of my fav's. Big ups on this Ill fucking blog. Much respect.

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